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July 04, 2010


KAP Cult


Read true reviews about Santiago Dobles and Susan Carlson’s Kundalini Awakening Process on this blog. They are a dangerous cult who have targeted several disenchanted members like Lino, publishing his private details on public forums to threaten him and prevent him from disclosing true facts about KAP. Result of KAP is depression, psychotic behavior and suicidal tendencies, all encouraged by it’s teachers.


To begin with, guns are tools of cowards. Anyone can shoot from yards away and remain safe. It takes courage, skill and strength to meet the enemy face to face. Sikhs probably know this better than anyone.

Secondly, the US needs better circulation of the news from the Supreme Court. Every library should have summaries out on a table of each month and each case under consideration.

Finally, on a personal note, one balmy March day in lovely Brookside, without warning, I found myself in the middle of a gang shoot-out. Gun violence can and does happen anywhere.

Good job exposing the 5 stooges.


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