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November 30, 2011


Guru Darshan Singh

Thanks for sharing Karta Purkh Singh and thank you for inspiring me during my time at Sat Tirath. You told me that doing sadhana is "the rudder of the day" and the small amount of sleep missed is outweighed by the benefits of doing the practice....how true! A day without sadhana is pale by comparison to those days with. Thanks also to you and Sat Inder Kaur for encouraging me to read those first few times from the Guru. That is such a powerful, intimate experience, it sometimes feels like the Guru is speaking directly to me. Especially powerful, reading during akhand path at solstice.
Love, Light and Blessings,
Guru Darshan S.

KartaPurkh Khalsa

Sat Nam Guru Darshan S ji, Wahe Guru!

mahina tara kaur

Thank you so much KartaPurkh for sharing your experience, your humanity, your light. You are an inspiration. Wahe Guru!

Sadhana Kaur

Blessings! Greetings! Thank you Karta Purkh for this sharing, I finally had a quiet morning to absorb it. It takes a few reads to sink into the vibration. What a beautiful 72 hours gifted. A kind flow, carried and sustained. The Holy words holding it all. Sat Nam.
Voicing the difficulties in discipline make me smile internally, eternally devoted. Thank you for freeing us in this written and ...articulated.

I feel like one of those giant Chinese dragons trying to get down the street, with my "story". Pretty entertaining. How kind the Guru is.



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